Museum storage facilities are not normally accessible to visitors. As the name suggests, this is where pieces from the museum’s collection which are not on public display in the permanent exhibition are stored for safekeeping. These spaces are air-conditioned rooms with museum display equipment and special furniture for the proper individual conservation of the pieces, with sufficient space and stability and easily accessible for handling. The spaces have the most appropriate environmental and hygiene conditions to ensure good conservation of the pieces. Storages The items stored in these facilities are usually used in temporary exhibitions or for educational activities. As for the rest of the pieces, they are also documented (assessed, coded and inventoried), researched, catalogued, and where needed, restored. Finally, newly acquired pieces are not usually put on public display straight away. They undergo a process whereby the piece is evaluated, cleaned (where needed), assessed, inventoried, coded, catalogued, and where necessary, restored. Following this process the piece is kept in its designated place in the storage facility. Restorer working Restorer working