The collection of the Royal Seminary of Bergara

The collection of the museum is going to touch your heart, since it keeps the memories of the illusion for discovery. The collection is unique because of the importance of the institution that created it, because of its antiquity and because of the extraordinary pieces that it treasures.

The prolific trajectory of this institution has left us an extremely valuable material and intangible heritage (documents, collections, discoveries, architecture, art, people), as an exceptional testimony to that passion for innovation. Within the museum and scientific panorama of the Basque Country, the scientific collection of the Royal Seminary of Bergara stands out for the historical-scientific relevance of the institution, for the richness of the elements that make up its different scientific sections, for its age, for housing unique and  extraordinaries objects...

The collection is made up of 3,012 scientific object, among instruments from Physics, Chemistry, minerals, fossils, models of human anatomy and specimens of Zoology; all of them from the 18th century and especially from the 19th. An unbeatable instrument for today's society, so much in need of promoting a scientific culture and developing its character. All these materials that were brought to Bergara, to the Royal Seminary, were invaluable instruments and specimens with which to cultivate and teach science. Only some of them are exposed.